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I mostly write about improvement in my own site. Rarely tutorial and how-tos, but hopefully can be a useful reference.

Posts about GitHub Actions

  • 6 mins reading time

    Share latest post automatically in Twitter using GitHub Actions

    Utilizing GitHub Actions Path Filter and CLI Composition

    I'm inherently lazy, especially when it comes to menial tasks. Sharing my blog post to twitter after publishing it is not an exception. In the spirit of overengineering my blog platform, I decided to build an automation that handle this routine process for me. As all my posts are written in markdown and stored in a repo in GitHub, I guess using GitHub Actions makes sense. I've used Actions before with great success. This time, instead of using scheduling feature, I'm using commit hook.

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  • 2 mins reading time

    Serverless Scraper & Notification Service using GitHub Actions

    Scheduled Workflow and Git Commit as Database Write